How to pump up the back muscles of a girl?

How to pump up the back muscles of a girl?

Many women who aspire to perfect forms, give much of the training to the so-called “problem” places – the press, buttocks, hips. But the secret of a good figure implies a harmonious combination of all the contours of the body, in which the back plays an important role.

Proud posture is the key to success at any age, so knowing how to properly pump up the muscles of the back of the girl and support them in tone, will be interesting to many.




A few words about anatomy

Let’s single out the main ones: Before proceeding to the question of how to pump the muscles of the back, it is necessary to understand the theoretical part and find out what kind of muscles there are and what their functions are.

  • The broadest is the main group of dorsal muscles, which participates in many movements and provides the functionality of the upper limbs. With their help you can raise and lower your hands, as well as perform all kinds of pulling movements. These muscles are responsible for the “strength” of the back and are the basis for a beautiful posture;
  • Trapezoidal – provide “press up”, are responsible for the position of the upper spine and play a leading role in the formation of posture. Everyone can feel them, just shrugged their shoulders;
  • Rhomboid – perform an auxiliary function and “cover the rear” of the trapezius muscles. If necessary, they can take on their function;
  • The large round muscle is located next to the latissimus and is responsible for the movement of the hands down and back. The pumping of this back muscle is especially popular among athletes, since it allows you to make a wide upper part of the body;
  • The muscle, straightening the spine – is in close proximity to it and keeps in an even state. The loss of tonus of this muscle is fraught with problems with the spine and back pain. You can train it with a variety of slopes, twists and bends.


pump up the muscles of the back


So we learned that the back consists of a variety of different muscles and assumes a huge field for training. Therefore, relying on the features of the muscular structure, it is necessary to select appropriate exercises for the development of each muscle group in order to have not only a beautiful back, but also a healthy body.

Exercises on the muscles of the back in the gym and at home

To pump up the back in the girls’ hall, they usually use about such complexes:

  • pulling on the bar;
  • traction of the upper block to the clavicles (or to the top of the chest);
  • bringing the lower block to the belt in the sitting position;
  • exercises with free weights – pull rod and dumbbell to the waist, pullovers.

At home, there are not so many options – a bar for pull-ups and all variations of bringing the bar to the bottom of the abdomen in the slope. The first movement is considered basic, and it is worth learning to perform it, even if it is not given easily. Some replace the pull-up exercise in the gravitron – it helps to work out the widest and improve posture, but, unlike the classical version, does not involve the center of the body, and is not a prevention of lordosis.

The principle of how to pump up the back muscles in girls is not much different – you need to perform up to 12 approaches per group of muscles with working weight, and muscle fatigue is added. It is easiest for beginners to use classical modes – no more than 8-12 repetitions in the approach.

Various tricks on the topic of “losing weight in the back and getting rid of the sides in the gym” usually result in a multi-repeat training. But with a fairly weak technique, it can be dangerous for the thoracic spine and for the shoulder joints, since it is performed in a mahogany manner without sufficient control. In general, it is worth to abandon the experiments of such a plan, until the technique is worked out.

Do you need a deadlift for a girl to pump up your back? In the case when there are no contraindications to health for its implementation, and the technique is worked out, it will help to increase the mass and volume of muscles. But in this case we are talking about a classic movement with good technique, and not about the Romanian deadlift, in which the emphasis is shifted to the back of the thigh and buttocks.


pump up the back muscles of a girl


Important: if there is osteochondrosis or curvature of the spine, a number of movements may be contraindicated. The traction in the slope is replaced by the same movements, but from the position of lying down on the face on a straight or inclined bench. Pulling is possible, but the buildup and kipping should be eliminated completely.


So, we came to the common opinion that the muscles of the back are in great need of training, now you need to decide on the necessary exercises and begin! Separately it is worth noting that the technique of pumping the basic muscles of the back for guys and girls has cardinal differences.

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Features are that men tend to pump the latissimus muscles of the back, which can significantly increase its width. The girl simply enough to maintain the muscles of the back in the tone.
But if the trip to the gym, in your opinion, takes a lot of time or is expensive – this is not an excuse to give up lessons. You can also complete a full-time workout at home. For classes you will need: comfortable clothes, a rug, dumbbells, a towel and the desire to change yourself!If you have the opportunity to organize training in the gym – excellent. And even better – conduct classes under the guidance of an experienced coach who will be able to make a program of individual lessons, to prompt how to properly pump the latissimus muscles of the back and observe the correctness of the exercises.


girl back muscles


Consider a set of basic exercises that will help pump the muscles of the back and support them in tone.


This exercise is simple enough, well strengthens the back and does not require special training, so it can be done by everyone.

It is necessary:

  • Lie on your stomach, bend your knees in your knees and wrap your arms around them;
  • Start swinging back and forth gradually increasing the amplitude;
  • Run 3 approaches 15 times each.


beautiful back



This exercise is universal for all muscle groups and allows you to quickly bring them into tones.

To get started:

  • It is necessary to stand on all fours, and hands should be on the same line with the line of shoulders;
  • At the same time, pull the right arm forward and pull back the left leg. Thus it is necessary to aspire to keep a back as much as possible exactly and to not suppose deflections in a loin;
  • Hold in this position for 2-5 seconds and return to the starting position;
  • Repeat the same combination for the left arm and right foot;
  • Run 10 times for each side.


This exercise perfectly helps relieve tension from the back, and also strengthen the abdominal muscles. Perfect for those who want to relax after a hard day.


  • It is necessary to lie on your back, put your feet on the width of your shoulders and bend the nights in your lap. Hands freely lie along the trunk;
  • Straining the buttocks and pushing up the hips, trying to create an even line from the shoulders to the knees. Hold in this position for 3 seconds and slowly return to the original;
  • Run 10 times.


Quickly strengthens the spine and increases the tone of the buttocks. To perform the exercise, you will need small dumbbells weighing 500 grams -1 kg.

Let’s proceed:

  • Place your feet about the width of your shoulders, put your arms and dumbbells on your hips;
  • Take a step forward slightly with your right foot and lower the knee at a right angle;
  • Go back to the starting position and do 8-10 repetitions without rest;
  • Do the same exercise for the left foot.


exercises on the muscles of the back


Listen to the body

Most likely, it will take you several days to get involved in the exercises and give the body time for a smooth adaptation. And then you can calmly increase the pace and the number of approaches.An important point in the performance of any physical exercise is the level of exercise. If you are the last time seriously engaged in physical education at school, then do not seek to immediately conquer the huge heights. Try to start with just a few approaches and if you feel muscular discomfort, stop and rest.

And further. Never exercise through pain. If you encounter a similar problem, stop exercising for a few days. If the pain does not pass, or even more intensify – do not try to heal yourself, but better consult a specialist.

Doing physical exercises and paying attention to the back is definitely worth it, and then you will feel great at any age! After all, even, taut back is not only beauty, but also a healthy spine! Do not lose enthusiasm and confidently move to your goal!