Pilates fitness practice

Pilates fitness practice

Surely, everyone has heard about Pilates fitness practice, but not everyone knows about what the exercise book was designed for and how the classes are conducted. This species became known only in the 21st century, but already has many of its followers, as it allows not only to construct a figure, but also to improve the body as a whole.




How does Pilates fitness practice work?

This technique is not active and intense. To a woman weighing 70 kilograms to burn 200 kilocalories will take an hour to work on the floor, and to eliminate 350 kilocalories – the same time in the reformer. So, the calculation is this: to lose weight by half a kilo, you need to burn 3500 kilocalories. Based on this, many will find the fitness practice not effective, but this is actually not the case. Pilates, acting on deep muscles, allows you to restore and speed up the metabolism, strengthen and tighten muscles.


pilates fitness practice


Being engaged in Pilates, it will be possible to work through the deep layers of musculature, the effect of training will be without an increase in volume, which occurs during pumping. Practicing this technique, the body learns to burn fat, while at rest, or when a person is engaged in everyday affairs. In addition, tightened muscles – a quick visual decrease in volume.

Therefore, doing Pilates, you should not weigh yourself, but use a measuring tape for measurement. With stable classes in just a month, you can get rid of one size of clothes.

How is the training

The trainer program for beginners is selected by the coach, based on the shape of the body and health. The basic principles of the choice of exercises and the number of classes per week – diet, the desired result from training. The effectiveness of the methodology is based on several basic principles, adhering to which, it will be possible to achieve a long and noticeable result:

  1. Smoothness in all movements – classes should be conducted without any sudden movements and jerks.
  2. When performing each exercise, the main thing is to follow a special breath to achieve a higher result. Each breath is taken before the crime to perform the exercise, and exhalation – in the process of its implementation.
  3. Relaxation and isolation of those areas that are not currently undergoing treatment. That is, if the effort goes to the press, you need to relax the shoulders and buttocks.
  4. When performing exercises, it is necessary to fully concentrate. To maximize the effect of classes, you need to get rid of unnecessary thoughts.
  5. Each exercise is performed with the maximum muscles drawn on the abdomen.
  6. During the lesson, it is important to perform the exercise correctly, and to monitor the comfortable position of the body – the result depends on it. That is why classes should be conducted with a professional trainer.
  7. When performing exercises you need to focus on your feelings. Coordination of movements will allow to avoid possible injuries in an uncomfortable position of the body and increase the effectiveness of training.
  8. The basis of employment is gradualness. The load increases only after mastering the exercises.

Workout duration

One lesson should take about an hour. The regularity of classes is also a very important point. You must visit Pilates at least five times a week. How much to do – a month, half a year, five years – is up to the person himself to decide. As the experience of many adherents of this fitness practice shows, the more stable the classes, the better the result. Many recommend to prefer Pilates to other methods, as it is less traumatic; The effect gives the maximum with minimum loads.

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What muscle groups are developed in Pilates fitness practice

Classes are based on a smooth exercise. The speed of execution here does not matter, it is important to correctly and regularly perform all the exercises. The peculiarity of this fitness practice is that not only the core, but also the small muscles are involved, which remain unused when choosing the classic set of strength exercises. With the help of Pilates, a balanced work of the muscles and parts of the body is achieved. This system is suitable for any person regardless of his age, level of physical fitness. Pilates is especially useful for those who are not active lifestyle. The system leads to a tonus sluggish muscle tissue.


what is pilates


Standard time plan for a newbie:

  • the first thing is a warm-up: fast walking on the spot for five minutes with a high raising of the knees, legs and arms waving;
  • spinal twisting (roll-down) is performed while standing, it straightens and strengthens the spine;
  • curling on the press is performed while lying on the mat, will help to significantly tighten the abdominal muscles;
  • the bar is executed within a few seconds, but it gives amazing results: a taut abs, beautiful and strong muscles of the arms, but also of the chest, a spinal straightening. This exercise is a kind of “business card” of the system, and is able to work out almost all muscle groups;
  • “Hundred” is aimed at creating elastic buttocks, tightening the abdominal muscles;
  • shoulder bridge to strengthen the buttocks;
  • circular movements of the legs can strengthen the press, buttocks and legs.

Physiological effect on the entire body

Benefits for the body Pilates proven. Until now, the mystery remains unclear, why with stable occupations it is possible to noticeably younger. Perhaps this effect can be achieved due to the measured exercise, stretching and proper breathing, because people involved in oriental martial arts look much younger. Regular exercises also normalize blood circulation and blood pressure. There are also special indications for Pilates:

  1. It is recommended to engage in this fitness practice for children of school age who spend a lot of time sitting.
  2. Adolescents with hormonal activity and active growth, this technique will help get rid of the pain that occurs in the joints, muscles.
  3. People with obesity, which is accompanied by shortness of breath, weakness in the muscles. Pilates will help to steadily evenly lower body fat under the skin, gently remove it from the internal organs.
  4. People over 40 years old is useful this fitness practice. It will help preserve and increase muscle tone, normalize blood circulation.
  5. Pilates is useful for those suffering from migraines. Completely get rid of it will not succeed, but there is an opportunity to reduce pain and prevent attacks.
  6. The technique allows you to quickly recover from injuries and prolonged illness.
  7. Pilates is useful for diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Effect on the spine

A separate item is to make out this issue. Doctors tirelessly argue about the benefits and harms of Pilates in scoliosis. Many do not advise practicing fitness in this disease, but in the early stages and following the tandem, the trainer will help you choose a set of exercises that will strengthen the skeleton of the muscles and will not overload the vertebrae by twisting.

Just carefully select the program is necessary if there is an intervertebral hernia.

With osteochondrosis, the technique is simply necessary. It is designed for careful work not only with the muscles, but also with the spine, it allows you to balance movement and coordination, to strengthen the muscular corset. With regular exercises there is an opportunity to forget about osteochondrosis, pain in the neck, back and shoulders.

Do I need training for Pilates fitness practice?

In order to start classes, special training is not required, the coach will help to master each exercise. But the main aspect of the technique is the ability to breathe correctly. If the practitioner comes with the skills of chest or literal breathing, this will be a big plus. Such breathing is necessary for practicing Pilates, he definitely needs to learn. The peculiarity is that when a person inhales, he opens up the chest as much as possible and strongly strains the abdominal zone, this contributes not only to oxygenation of the body, but also to strengthening the muscles located between the ribs.

Suitable form

To practice Pilates, you must have comfortable cotton clothing. These can be shorts and tank top, tights. Shoes should be light and comfortable, and its soles as flexible as possible. Many coaches recommend doing barefoot at all, which contributes to the activation of points on the legs, responsible for the excellent work of the body, strengthening the arch of the feet.

Recommended time workout fitness Pilates practice

To achieve maximum results, you need to choose the optimal time for training. It is not recommended to take food one hour before the workout and one hour after it, so it is worth choosing the most suitable period in order not to starve and not feel discomfort.




Contraindications for Pilates fitness practice

In order not to harm your health, you should abandon classes when:

  • cold and flu when the body temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees. During fever, coordination of movements is reduced, and you can get injured by performing an exercise;
  • tumors, especially in the bones. Neglect of this contraindication threatens fractures and progression of the disease;
  • breaks in the muscles, not extended fractures. Pilates helps to recover only if there are healed injuries;
  • spinal injuries, third-degree flatfoot, scoliosis;
  • for people with mental illness it will be difficult to exercise regularly;
  • risk of bleeding.

These contraindications are of a general nature, therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor before starting classes.

Fans of outdoor activities will enjoy the idea of ​​a vacation so as not only to relax your soul, but also to improve your health and tighten your muscles. Pilates is practiced on fitness tours that have already been loved by a large number of people. Professional coaches throughout the tour will accompany the trainees, assist in the implementation of exercises, will select the optimal schedule of classes. After completing the tour, everyone will be able to independently perform a set of exercises.